Nothing Is What It Appears to Be


Please Explain!!!!

I sat on the bed next to her and watched as she fidgeted through a not so comfortable unexplained experience. I watched the sweat roll down her face off of her forehead while she twanged and jerked like something was poking at her or taking over her body. I wanted so badly to wake her up and save her from the misery that a spirit was subjecting her to but there was nothing I could do so I just stood by, cried and recalled exactly what she was going through. After a while she jumped out of her sleep, grasped for air and cried. I didn’t want to startle her so I stood quietly as she wiped the tears from her bloodshot eyes. When I felt she was calm I sat gently on the bed behind her and when she felt the bed move she froze and said “Please I can’t take no more..” before she could finish her sentence I placed my right hand on her left shoulder and said “Hi ShanayZalam, don’t worry it’s you.”

She turned around slowly and said “do I know you?” I said “yes very well actually, look at my face more closely. I visited you awhile back when you were three but I don’t expect you to remember that you visited you.” She looked at me with more confusion, so I just hugged her and said “Look at me ShanayaZalam, I am you just 18 year later.” She took a deep breath and said “I think I need to go into a mental hospital, first spirits that no one else can see who harass me in my sleep, now I see my future self-talking to me. This can’t be real.” I smiled and said “You don’t remember I told you that no matter what to not consider yourself crazy?” then I laughed and said “I know you’re at the phase in your life where you think you could be a coo coo bird but seriously you’re not, you just have a different kind of life and I know the age of twelve going on thirteen was one of the hardest years for you or rather me.” She said “ok miss I am you in the future, tell me who is this girl lying next to me is and what we did last night.” I smiled and said “That is Carmella your best friend that you met when you started the 7th grade middle school and last night she persuaded you to play with an Ouija board which you didn’t want to but agreed because you didn’t want to be considered a party pooper. Y’all played with the board and the spirit who moved the board said that he liked you which took you by surprise and then knocked the candle you guys had lit over almost setting Carmella’s room on fire. Luckily she was able to stomp it out because her aunt would have killed you both. When you fell asleep last night almost immediately you went into sleep paralysis and a spirit or what you know as a spirit to be honest appeared to you as an old lady and told you that it wanted to take your soul then started pulling on you and beating you. You couldn’t move, had no control even though you could see the spirit clearly. That was a nasty one and you will never touch an Ouija board again because it’s like it opened you up even more than you are already to the foolishness of the unseen. I know it was hard not being able to move while being poked and abused.”

ShanayaZalam looked at me intensely and said “I am starting to remember now; you are ShanayaNour, my new enlightened self at the age of thirty.” I laughed and said “Oh yes I am so happy you recalled, thanks be to God.” She turned her lip up and said “oh so this God finally answered me and stopped these demons from harassing me at the age of thirty? I have to wait that long?” I took a deep breath but before I could offer words of comfort she shouted “Hey you ShanayaNour, I want answers damn it!!! Who are these spirits that keep harassing me in my sleep? Why am I the only one on the planet that gets harassed by these devils? Why do I have vivid dreams that sometime come true? Why do I see strangers in my dreams all the time? I mean this is scary and I had enough. Oh and why do I pick up on so much energy when I am out in the street? It’s almost like I can pick up on every emotion within a one block radius of where I stand, and…” I said “wait wait wait Shanayazalam, I need you to calm down.” She took a deep breath and then all of a sudden busted out in tears and said “WHY? WHY? WHY? My mother even reached out to a so called psychic who gave me a so called spiritual bath that didn’t work.” I looked at her and cried with her because I recalled exactly how I felt at that age. The world seemed terrible and I just knew I was cursed.

After we cried together I wiped her tears with utmost gentleness and said “look beautiful I know this is hard, but you must be strong because you have a long road and many more experiences to go through that may feel like it’s breaking your very soul, but I promise it won’t. Just try to remember that you are going through this for a reason, everything is for a reason. Think of it this way you are receiving direct knowledge through experience which you may use one day.” Shanayazalam just put her head down as if she was completely deflated, so I knelled down in front of her and said “I will tell you this; those demons that are always playing mind games with you and beating as well as fondling you while you sleep in a paralyzed state are jinni. They are another creation of God that majority of human beings cannot see. Most of them are not good and love to make the lives of human beings miserable. For a reason only God knows you are sensitive to them as others in this world may be for reasons that only God knows clearly. You will become very well versed in the awareness of them and be willing to let anyone gain from your knowledge. It will be difficult and you will feel alone but you will receive all the help you need. Also you pick up on people’s feelings because you are just extra sensitive to energy around you yet everyone can feel what’s around them to a certain extent, the world is vast so don’t assume that you are the only one in this position. Think of it like this; if someone is happy and they come around you, you begin to feel happy and if someone is sad and they come around you, you begin to feel tense. We all affect each other, it’s just that some people are more sensitive than others, and you my beloved are just heightened in sensitivity, God does everything for a reason. ShanayaZalam I love you and wouldn’t lie to you, you will make it to the truth.” She put her head up and said “I believe you and happy you came to see me, to see myself at thirty so secure and safe gives me hope, but before you go please tell me more.” I grabbed her hand and said “ok I will tell you anything you want because as soon as I leave you won’t remember me or our conversation until I return again anyway.” She shook her head and said “well that sucks,” I said “Well ShanayaZalam nothing that has been written can be changed, so the best I can offer you is comfort in this moment.” She said “ok, well just give me something my heart can hold onto as I go through these hard times.” I smiled and said “One day you will realize that the jinn have no power over those who have the gift of knowing. It’s kind of like if you’re scared of the dark because you think monsters are around but as soon as you turn on the light and see that there are no monsters around you feel safe and unbothered. This is what your experiences are all about; turning on the light so you and others can see the truth from your experience and no longer be bothered or at least understand something that is usually hidden from a different standpoint. You will help whoever God puts in your path and you will receive help from whom God sends to your path. You also will be thrown off by human friends of the jinn but we will talk about that another time.”

She wiped her tears and said “Wow ShanayaNour you inspire me.” I said “Good try to hold on to that feeling as I leave you for now.” She jumped up and hugged me and I walked out the door and was back in my room in the year 2015 smiling and thinking to myself how much I love that ShanayaZalam even though she is no longer who I am, she will forever be a part of me.

To be continued with Love……….

*To know more about myself please click My Self, My Reason, My Intentions. To know more about my upcoming book Please click Nothing Is What It Appears To Be.
The ShanayaNour Series is a series of stories based on the true life experiences of myself Shanaya Nour Hassaan Ali connected to my upcoming autobiography entitled Nothing Is What It Appears To Be. With Love I Offer this to you!!
Shanaya Nour Hassaan Ali

2 thoughts on “Please Explain!!!: The ShanayaNour Series Story # 2

  1. Miller A. Matine says:

    Wonderful! Very great writing! I love it!

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    1. shanayanour says:

      Thank you. I am revealing my experiences for the benefit of others out of love.

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