Nothing Is What It Appears To Be

There are very interesting events, issues, scenarios, and situations happening all around us every minute. Some of these experiences may be classified as unusual but I like to think that everything has a reason and purpose whether we have the capacity to understand them or not.


I am Shanaya Nour Hassaan Ali and I was born and raised in Harlem, New York City. I am here to share a bit of what may be considered unusual events that I have experienced in my life as a gift to you just for the sake of truth. Since a very young age I have encountered unexplainable phenomenon that sent me and my mother on a frenzy trying to find answers. In the search for help and answers I was taken advantage of by so called spiritualist and psychics which was frustrating but only added to my knowledge. I am fortunate because throughout it all I had a mother who knew I wasn’t crazy, that I didn’t need meds or was not in need of a psychiatrist. She believed in me and wanted answers just as much as I did.

This blog and my upcoming book entitled Nothing is What it Appear To Be is for the sake of revealing what is normally hidden and helping people who would never be understood otherwise.

In this blog you will have the opportunity to witness ShanayaNour who is my now enlightened self go back and have reflective conversations with ShanayaZalam who is my old ignorant lost self. These conversations will both reveal where I was, where I am now and the understandings that I have gained.

In my upcoming book Nothing Is What It Appears To Be I give you a first hand look into my journey and spiritual battles which will make you laugh, cry, get angry at both me and others as well as enlighten you on many hidden truths. I thank you for joining me and ask you to open up your heart and mind as you witness my experiences.

Hope you benefit from my truth, Just click on The ShanayaNour Series to start the Journey and please click on Nothing Is What It Appears To Be to find out more details about my upcoming book.

Welcome and enjoy!!!

One thought on “ShanayaNour

  1. Polomi says:

    Hi Shayana, it was a pleasure reading your series and very interesting as well! Best wishes for your beautiful endeavor in the form of a book, cheers!


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