Nothing Is What It Appears to Be


I couldn’t keep still while I was writing chapter six of my manuscript because I kept thinking about a crucial time in ShanayaZalam’s life where she almost lost her soul. I needed to pay her one last visit to reflect on how I dodged that major blow. I left my apartment and headed for my old home in hopes that I could catch her there, I had a good feeling I would be able to see her because I remembered clearly where I was on that night as I was recalling memories of myself back five years.

I arrived quickly, walked through the small gate and peeped through her bedroom window. I saw her walk in the room with a very cute outfit on and her hair was done perfectly. I laughed and said to myself with utmost pride, “Wow, Shanaya you was such a hot twenty five year old.” then I walked up the steps, hurried through the front door and found ShanayaZalam looking dead at me as soon as I placed my right foot inside on the floor.

She Said, “Hey ShanayaNour, you think I didn’t know you was looking through my window?”
I laughed and said, “Don’t you mean our window, remember we are the same person, don’t get beside yourself now.”
She shook her head as if she was annoyed, “I see that I still have a bossy attitude at the age of thirty.”
I rolled my eyes, “nobody knows us better than ourselves.”
We walked inside and immediately I grabbed ShanayaZalam and hugged her real tight.
She looked at me strangely and said, “What was that all about? I don’t know anyone who would be so happy to see their old miserable self.”
I ignored that smart comment and said, “Happy twenty fifth birthday ShanayaZalam, we are a smoking hot twenty five year old.”
She looked at me with a disgraced expression on her face, “What’s so hot about being a slave and sometimes a punching bag to a being in the unknown that nobody can see? Huh ShanayaNour, what’s so hot about that?”
I squished up my face “you have an attitude problem today, yeah that’s right I remember why now.”
She sucked her teeth “ok then why make a visit on the one day in the year when I am the most irritated.”

I walked up to her and said, “The man who you just broke up with was heavy into black magic and sorcery, he appeased those dreadful spirits by doing horrible things you are unaware of and that’s the only reason why all the harassment you experience from those spirits stopped. You should know that when you were in a relationship with him he was preparing you to sell your soul to the devil as he already did, he was making deals with them.”
ShanayaZalam looked at me in shock “What?”
I looked at her lovingly and said sincerely, “Be grateful that you dodged that bullet ShanayaZalam, if you would have stayed with him a bit longer you might have become more inclined to follow his ways, you were becoming infatuated by him and believe me those feeling you have been having for him is far from normal. I won’t elaborate further but just know that in this life you should never cave into doing evil, I don’t care how much you want those spirits to stop attacking you, doing nasty things in exchange for peace is just not worth it.”

ShanayaZalam began to cry, “I never planned to do black magic, I just wanted the beatings and unexplained attacks to stop. I mean I knew it was a possibility that he was into that kind of stuff and it was intriguing watching him do certain things, but I was never gonna be a part of it, I swear.”
I shook my head in agreement, “I know, we just figured marrying a possible sorcerer would at least give us peace because he understood how to manipulate energies, but ShanayaZalam believe me even being associated with people like that puts your soul at risk, they do unimaginable things to get what they want and sooner or later they start demanding horrific things from you. Don’t think you would have been a comfortable wife who stayed in ignorance and enjoyed peace; no, no, he had major plans for you sweetheart, you come to find out all of this later.”

The tears kept rolling down her face and I felt the pain in my chest from remembering how she felt.
I took a deep breath and said, “Look ShanayaZalam, I promise you yet again that God loves you and is guiding you, it’s just that you don’t have the capacity to understand everything yet.”

She sat on the bed slowly “but ShanayaNour what should I do? Ever since I broke up with him I have been beat and attacked in my sleep like never before. Just last night I woke up to what appeared to be a snake wrapped around my neck and I swear that I couldn’t move or even scream. The fear paralyzed me and I was certain that I was going to lose my life. Could it be that through him that devil that hates me and harasses me had a way to take my soul and since we broke up that spirit is upset because his chances are gone now?”
I smiled, “Just know that everything happens for a reason and it all will be clear to you one day.

ShanayaZalam looked at me intensely, “You always say that to me, It’s hard to hold onto those words while being beaten by a forces I cannot see, They taunt me at night and try to manipulate my thoughts in the day, I swear I feel like one of their slaves . It’s just not right ShanayaNour; they can subject me to anything, they are evil and I wish I knew how to defeat them.”

I walked towards the door and said, “you have five more years and I promise you will see things differently, look at yourself, I am you at age thirty is that not enough proof that you will reach your destination in one piece and be happy to have the answers finally revealed to you?”
ShanayaZalam put her head down, “Ok ShanayaNour, Ok.”

I walked back up to ShanayaZalam and grabbed her hand, “This will be the last time I come visit you, I will see you at age thirty, I promise you will make it. Oh and by the way you’re just a few short months away from meeting your husband and trust me you can start celebrating now, I hope that makes you feel better.”
ShanayaZalam smirked at me, “For real? What does he look like and how does he treat us? Please tell me, I have to know.”
I smiled while showing all of my teeth, “He is too damn handsome and he treats us as if we are divine, so trust me breaking up with that devil in disguise was a huge blessing, please believe me baby girl.”

ShanayaZalam laughed and said “I guess you’re right, I could never imagine losing my morals and even my soul, oh God no. I rather die trying to find answers then risk burning in the hell that awaits people like that, I might be desperate but I am not crazy.”
I smiled and said, “Yes and thank you for using your brain, your ability to think is what got us this far, remember every human soul is very expensive, actually priceless and that’s why all those damn jinn keep fighting us for it. You will stay strong, you will make it through and you will beat all odds against you, so don’t you ever believe even for one minute that they will be victorious over you, not a chance baby girl, not a chance.”

I kissed ShanayaZalam goodbye and as I was about to leave she shouted, “See you in five years, and I didn’t forget about our book, for some reason I think about it all the time even when you are gone. It keeps me holding on; the idea that I actually wrote a book about all of these difficulties I am going through makes me keep believing that I will be ok one day. I know in my heart that it’s the perfect title to because truly ShanayaNour Nothing Is What It Appears To Be.”

I blew her another kiss and exited out the door. I walked home grateful to have not sold my soul at the tender age of twenty five, Dipping into anything moral less or evil is just not who I am. I remembered how desperate I was to understand but I appreciated never caving into what was easy. I learned that those problems were there for a reason and led my soul to exactly where it needed to be.

I opened my apartment door and was happy to have even lived to see 2015. I glanced at my manuscript sitting on the kitchen table and said, “Ok that’s it ShanayaNour no looking back now; the world is going to read about it all, I hope you are ready.”

I sat down at my desk and decided that my publishing date would be between the summer and the winter of 2015. I could only hope that I could be of some help to people who are just like me, I know in my heart and soul that out there in the world there are people suffering in silence with a need to understand just like I did.


**To know more about me please click My Self, My Reason, My Intentions. To know more about my upcoming book Please click Nothing Is What It Appears To Be.

*****All the questions you may have obtained while reading the ShanayaNour series will be answered completely in my upcoming autobiography, Nothing Is What It Appears To Be. The creative autobiography about my life will be published soon, no official date has been set but I anticipate it’s release this summer no later than this fall.”

******The ShanayaNour Series is a series of stories based on the true life experiences of myself Shanaya Nour Hassaan Ali connected to my upcoming autobiography entitled Nothing Is What It Appears To Be. With Love I Offer this to you!!

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